While living in Waterloo it was rare that my friend left the house without a camera.  She would often forget other things like her calculator, a text book, note pad, cell phone, etc., but she always had her camera.  It was not her cell phone camera – we did not have the technology yet.  The pictures we share of our time in Waterloo together are amazing.  In fact I do not think I have so many pictures within such a short time frame as the couple years we spent together.  The pictures we collected are in the thousands.  Weekends often ended with a review of hundreds of pictures and I am not exaggerating.

Over the past couple weeks pictures have been on my mind (if you have not realized yet).  Today I pulled out my camera, it is pretty nice.  My brother has taught me all I know about photography! I cleaned it up (i.e. wiped off the dust it had collected), charged the battery, and have placed a new SD card in it.  It is a little bulky and my camera bag is even bulkier but I am committed to carrying this item around with me on any adventures I go on (for a week starting Friday August 14, 2015).  I apologize, kind of, to my friends and family that are about to endure the wrath of my triggering.

Excited to see what is captured!  Look out for a post on my week with my camera!

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