Meet I


Years have past and I have come to learn that health is beyond the mind, body, and/or spirit that our Western society has segregated from one another. Support systems often focus on one aspect of our lives while expecting the other components to fall into place without recognition, acknowledgment, or a chance to bond. My experiences have taught me that the mind is largely the focus of support, that the body is often forgotten, and that the spirit is unspeakable.  It is my hope that I can change these views, to contribute to rebuilding the relationship between one’s mind, body, and spirit, and to provoke profound debate and inspirational conversations between various parties. I write to encourage thoughts, further conversations, and hopefully inspire.

I would be insincere to tell you I am an expert in the field.  My experiences have been significant in my own development and growth, my practice as a counsellor, and the academic goals I have set. I have no concrete data that indicates my perspective has positively influenced others but I am encouraged by the comments and feedback I receive from those within my community of practice. Currently, I am enrolled as a Doctoral student in the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.  I hold a Bachelor degree in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Waterloo and a Masters in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria.  It took years for me to recognize that the two fields create the perfect package of knowledge and experience to improve my own life and the lives of others.  This realization is what has inspired me to share my own narrative, the strengths and challenges, and to focus on holistic well-being.

I look forward to you journeying alongside me as I aspire to move from health to healthy.

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