Contemplating My Online Presence

I have not forgotten about my 32 adventures, nor my readers. In fact, I have been adventuring more than my schedule officially allows and thinking about my readers almost daily. Yet, to sit at my laptop and write has been a struggle.

If I get right to the nitty-gritty, cause who wants a long sap story anyways, I have been struggling with social media, the intentions of myself (and others) online, and weighing the benefits. I have been lucky to adventure over the last few months, including a trip to the mainland (Vancouver), bike rides to various beaches around Victoria, visits to historical sites, hikes in the forest to find beach at the end of the trail, a trip back to Alberta, trying new restaurants, and so on. And every time I sit to write, I wonder about the impression that gives off.

Trying Victoria BC’s Newest Pizza – Pirate Pizza

If I am not adventuring, I am teaching classes, marking student papers, working on research projects, attempting to write articles, struggling to make time for sleep, putting something off so I can spend quality time with friends, avoiding phone calls because it is just one more thing on my list, fighting the flu of the year, trying to get workouts in so I can indulge in all the treats, and trying to keep up and maintain a presence on social media. There are other things too, like caring for my ever shifting mental health (remember an earlier post about all of us having mental health), adjusting to the truth that I am no longer a student (yes, it’s been a year), wondering about how I’m going to pay for the next tank of gas (did you know it is $1.62/L here on Vancouver Island), and so on.

When I’m not adventuring…this is my adventure

Life is an adventure, each moment of it! And after listening to one of my colleagues speak to my students about the impact of social media, our current societies connection to technology, and my own questioning about the use of various apps, I have had to pause and really think about this blog. I went from wanting to just leave it as is and continue down my journey of sharing only the wonderful moments in my life to wanting to take it down (and maybe revamping it), to now just thinking it may fade away into cyber air…is that possible?

I do not want a young person (or anyone for that matter) to find this site and attempt to compare their life with my 32 adventures, or any of the previous posts that predominantly highlight the fun and good in my life (which I am lucky my life mostly consists of). Perhaps aspire to live their life to their fullest, but never to compare. I have done a poor job of sharing the challenges I face, the struggles of finding a career and job that I love, balancing the self and connection with others, finances, and so on. I have, however, done a wonderful job of highlighting my travels, the fun things in my life, and the journey of moving from a state of health to healthier (I am no where near healthy); but it is not the full story. And to get the full story, you’d have to be stuck to my hip every second of the day, cause man oh man, does my mood, my activity, and my thoughts shift by the second.

I’m not sure where I am going from here but bare with me while I process my thoughts, attempt to determine the direction of this blog (and perhaps my FaceBook and Instagram accounts). This adventure (one of my 32) will land me somewhere…just where, no one knows yet!

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