Doctor? Me?

A few days ago I started writing a blog about how I have officially completed my doctoral studies. It was a long post with details about submitting my dissertation exam copy, the weeks leading up to my defence, the defence day, and the activities that occupied my previously allocated study time following my defence?

Today, as I sit at the airport in Frankfurt, I realize that blog post was more my return to journaling, an activity that I have unfortunately not engaged in for many months. I still carry my journal everywhere; it is the act of pulling it out of my backpack, grabbing a pen, and writing that is limited. Similar to journaling, I have also lacked in my blogging; some things just had to give to finish other things and start new things!

But, today, with great excited in realizing that during my blogging lull I have gained an audience vs lost viewers, and with my desire to write and share some of my ponderings and hopefully upcoming adventures, I am returning to my blog. Really, I think it is good timing. Graduation is done and pictures were taken to prove it (see below). I no longer get emails about tuition but emails about paying back my student loan. I am working away at a job I love while looking for other long-term employment options. And it is the summer so I am on route to another summer in Kenya for camp.

A few pictures, just because…

The Supervisor who got me through! So grateful!

It is almost like a re-birth of blogging. I look forward to sharing with all of you and hearing from many of you too.

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