Privacy Act

I woke up earlier than normal today. Well, earlier than I normally have in the past two months. You see, over the past two months I have been engaged in highly active dreams while I rest. Throughout my life I only remember one dream that I have had, prior to these two months. It was a re-occuring dream when I was in the second grade. I won’t share the dream because those of you reading may begin to worry about my childhood, which was privileged, fun, loving and all things positive. Anyways, I digress. The last couple months I have simply rested, not slept. I have been dreaming all things including witnessing myself having coffee and dinner with scholars I have become fond of via their writing, climbing mountains, re-envisioning the description and concepts that move a persons health to healthy, adventures with friends, friends being hurt, travelling the world, playing sports, shifts in friendship (mine and other peoples), lose, and my dissertation. The list goes on and on. Some dreams rewarding while others I wish never happened. And I know very little about dreams but what I do know is that if they are a representative of the subconscious, then I hope for a few people who I care deeply about that my dreams are nothing more than my imagination gone wrong.

Again, a long digress to get to where I am really going. Today, after months, I woke up just before the sun started coming up, fresh and ready to start the day. I mean, yesterday I slept the day away so I best have woken up refreshed. I decided that going to the gym was a little too taxing on my adrenal system (which is somehow off kilter) so I would start my day with a stroll down by the ocean (isn’t there are song or something that is “down by the ocean…”?). At 6:15 there was only a few people out and about, majority of whom were on their morning runs. Usually when I see others jogging, I wish I was jogging too. Today, I was more than content to watch the water crash the rocks surrounding Ogden Point’s pier, to breath in the morning air, and to watch the sun rise. I also got a bit of a show.

As I started my walk, heading East from my (it’s not really mine, many people reside here) apartment buildings door towards Ogden Point, I cross a older adults retirement building. It is fancy and those that occupy the building never seem to be visible through the large glass windows. Anyways, at the corner of the buildings driveway is a little plant garden that houses tulips and such. This year the flowers are a mixture of red, yellow, and orange in colour. And within these plants I could hear ducks. I was a bit surprised by the sound as I had my headphones on and well it is rare to hear ducks on this side of the road. These ducks, the three of them, made a few appearances. Two males and one female. It was clear that the males were in a power struggle over who should be able to mate with the female duck, and the female duck was simply playing the game. They, the ducks, it appeared were attempting to bring new life into the world at the door steps of where I can only assume many are ending their lives. It is a happily morbid concept really.

I thought about taking a picture or video but before I could grab my cell phone from my back pocket where it was sending radiating energy to my nerves via my gluteus, I thought about human mating, my own in particular. I would be appalled if someone video taped my act and put it on display for the world to see. And in the moment, I tiny bit of me turned into an animal activist, wondering why we do exactly that for animals on the regular. In the end, I decided not to capture the moment but to remember that today, while out for a leisurely walk to start my Wednesday, I witnessed for the first time a duck mating ritual. Cool I suppose.

I really have nothing else to say – the duck story was all I wanted to share but you got a little more. Since my walk, I have written words, read words, backed zucchini bites for the first time, had breakfast and lunch, wrote a few more words, read many others, and chatted with my Dad. All before 14:00. My goal is to continue the productivity so I shall let you go. I hope youf sleep health is greater than mine has been and that if you are mating you are thinking twice about your privacy act!

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