Disappearing Act

When I started this blog I made a deal with my brother that I would only start it if I could maintain it for a minimum of three years with regular posts. At the time it seemed doable and on most days I think about the blog at least once. However, lately my thoughts have been about the sustainability of the blog.

If you haven’t heard, I am working away on my dissertation – basically I am writing about my life and how specific moments have impacted my sense of belonging and identity. It is no easy task and up until now there have been many bumps, bruises, tears, and celebrations. Today, after months of challenges I finally feel like things are rolling along and that my goal date of completion is still possible. What will make this date achievable is if I hide out, disappear, detach, privately cry when memories strike a cord, and focus my attention on Microsoft Word for a little bit.

Thus, to my dear readers and friends, I write to you today to say see you in a while. My goal, less than a year. At the rate 2017 has been moving along, it will feel like only yesterday that I left you. On the days I long to connect, perhaps I will shift writing gears from my Word document to Health 2 Healthy, but please do not count on it. It may take time for me to return (to all facets of my daily life).

To my brother, I tried and am still trying. This blog will find its life again, just not today, tomorrow, on in the next few months. Perhaps a revival in 2018? I hope I have not let you down. I also know you support my academic career more than anyone else so maybe you will send me a high-five for prioritizing things?!

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