hermit mode

The past week has been a week I do not believe I will ever have the right words for. The end of my 20s brought with it time with dear friends, space in nature, deep and life shifting reflection, and unexpectedly a new confidence to share my inner thoughts and feelings with a few select people. Truly, I could not have asked for much more.

Arriving with determination to the Frog and Fern Cottage on Quadra Island

Arriving with determination to the Frog and Fern Cottage on Quadra Island

A few of my friends and I ventured to Quadra Island to rejuvenate, to connect with one another and more importantly (for me) with nature and the self. We enjoyed meals, walks, laughs, painting, music and dance, and some much needed one-on-one catch-up times together. It was precious and I found a new happy place for myself. Quadra Island, I will be back!

Weekend Squad

Weekend Squad

Some of the conversations have me left with so many things to ponder, to explore, and to honour. I realized how much I have changed, grown, adapted and adjusted over the past decade. Then, last night as I sat down with a dear friend to open the envelopes I had created over the past year, it became apparent that my 29th year of life was one of significant growth, of great change, and more excitingly a major shift in my holistic well-being. I lived and activated the concept of Health 2 Healthy in more ways than I had imagined ever possible.

Opening envelopes from the past year - the end of my 20s

Opening envelopes from the past year – the end of my 20s

The coolest thing though was that as much as while 2016 was in progress the year felt tough, it felt like a year that needed to end, that a leaf needed to turn, and that it was a year I did not want to repeat. As I opened each weeks envelope, I became witness to the amazingness that 2016 fostered. That this year was beyond words and the few that maybe scratch the surface include exciting, development, friendship, love, passion, intention, health, and finding me.

I think I found me...or my friends found the true me!

I think I found me…or my friends found the true me!

I have been pondering an alternative activity for this year and have yet to decide on one. An activity that hopefully highlights the greatness of entering my 30s. What I do know is that I would like to continue doing such activities, make a tradition out of it, as it is perhaps the coolest feeling I have had to open up and become witness to the past year. I remembered to highlight the positives of the week, to acknowledge the challenges but honour the fun. If you are looking for a pick me up this year, maybe this is an activity to try.

Saying all of this, it has been a wonderful social week. I have enjoyed each moment including the moments I found myself agitated and those I found myself sharing my feelings after convincing myself they need not be shared. I have talked and shared more in the past week then I am known to do in long-term friendships. For this, in one way I am extremely grateful. I, on the other hand, am also aware of how vulnerable that has made me and that my narrative is no longer simply my own. That others now potentially have the right to share my thoughts and inner feelings with whomever they decide to, especially as they debrief some of the conversations we have had. Bigger for me is that this all links to my current research and the fact that my work is rooted in my own narratives.

With so many thoughts in mind, with ample work ahead of me, and with the desire to move forward in my own academic progress as quickly as possible, it is time to revert back into hermit mode. To acknowledge those that I love dearly and that make my life grander than I can make it on my own, and to hope that my desire to isolate for a little while only allows them to grow as much as I hope to grow.

Back to the books, back to one of my happy places!

Back to the books, back to one of my happy places!

I am excited to start my 30s with loving, caring, kind, and inspirational family and friends surrounding me. I look forward to witnessing a new level of growth, to becoming more in-tune with my body, and to finding the perfect activities for this time in my life to remain grounded, connected, and content.

Before I go, for this post at least, do you have a birthday tradition you do? What is it and why? I would love to hear!

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