Day of Birth

I am not typically overly excited for my birthday. Usually I have a small group of friends come over, we enjoy snacks, a few drinks, and good conversation. This year, well it feels a little different.

It is a big year; I turn 30. I think that officially means that I need to start adulting. And, well, I have big goals for this year! Goals and dreams that are close to my heart, that influence my interactions with others, and lead to opportunities I still simply dream of. It is going to be an exciting year!

If you remember, last year I started a weekly project on my birthday. Every Sunday, for the last 50 weeks (2 weeks to go), I placed pictures, objects, and notes of the wonderful things that happened during that week in an envelope. On my 30th birthday I plan to open each envelope and become witness to the great year I had.

The envelopes are mostly full and waiting to be opened...

The envelopes are mostly full and waiting to be opened…

This year, while I still have to finalize what I would like to do in order to track the greatest moments of the year ahead, I thought I would start my “new year” with a slightly different activity. I have one wall in my apartment that still needed a little love and figured the best kind of love is from those that mean the most to me. So, in preparation of my 30th birthday, I have created a space for family and friends to attach notes, pictures, or both, to share memories from my 30 years of life. Cheesy, I know. But I am excited to see what comes out of such an activity.

For those of you in Victoria, feel free to stop by and add your message personally. I will be sure to share a snack with you while you are over. For those of you living outside of Victoria, I have not forgotten about you. Feel free to email me your note or a picture you want me to print and add to the wall. Or, alternatively, send something in the mail and just maybe I will send something back to you *wink*.

With great excitement, I look forward to this year and all the amazingness that is ahead for you and I!


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