Holiday Health

That time of year has come when so many gather with loved ones to share in holiday festivities. To those of you who are surrounded by loved ones and are excited by it, enjoy each and every moment. For the memories will last longer than the gifts, I am sure.

However, while you sit around the family table, likely extended with extra table slabs to fit everyone, do not forget about those who could not join you, those who may be quietly sitting at home alone. The holiday season is shared with just as many individuals who are alone, who are struggling with mental health, who are isolated because of war, and many more who have surpassed the lives of their loved ones.

While the holidays can be a time of great joy, it can also be a time of great suffering. Before you share in a feast, take a moment to reflect on those you have helped over the past year and maybe even set a goal for the upcoming year. Whatever you do, I simply ask that you do not forget those who are facing various challenges that make this time of year less than pleasant.

Mental health is an everyday issue, as I have claimed before. The holidays also tend to be a time when individuals who experience mental health challenges face the greatest battle of the year. Likely you know someone who could benefit from an extra phone call this season, who would be happy to have you appear at their doorstep, or perhaps just wants to hide under the covers and let the day pass before connecting with anyone else. If you are blessed with health and happiness during this season, share it with that one (or more) person you know may just need a little extra support. Be the magic in their Christmas!

Merry Christmas All!

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