Just Outside

I have been feeling the urge to do something a little more creative in my day-to-day life then in past months. Perhaps this feeling comes because I have found some sort of balance with everything else or maybe I am simply procrastinating from my daily tasks. Whatever the case, yesterday’s hump day adventure kept me close to home but inspired.

As the weather is changing and wind and rain storms are starting to roll into the Victoria BC area, our skies have been beautiful. It was just a few weeks ago that I started to pay attention to the clouds, the movement of clouds, and my mind started to create stories of the clouds journey. Something we witness almost daily and yet I had failed to notice or acknowledge the beauty in the sky other than sunrise which I see out of my bedroom window every morning and sunset on those nights I am driving to or from somewhere.

So, with a desire to stay focused on my studies but also to get outside and appreciate the skies before our second rain storm of the season, I ventured across the street from my apartment building. I took all necessary resources to enjoy the time outside including a blanket to sit on, a bolster to help me sit for more than five minutes (my hips are tighter than desired these days), a book to read, and wore two layers of pants plus wool socks, three layers of tops plus a Cowichan sweater and a scarf. I maybe did not need so many layers but I was not sure how cold I would get sitting outside steps from the ocean for an hour just before a storm.

Set up for a little creative time

Set up for a little creative time

I was on a mission to capture the every changing sky. My goal was not only to capture the skyline but to also have a little time to read outside, to ponder how life is forever shifting and that nothing in life, just like the clouds, are stationary not even for a mere second.

I have to say, it was fun to sit outside and patiently accept what was heading my way. Without the ability to change the sky, I thought it would be fun to leave my camera on the same setting and capture a picture every ten minutes (a time-lapse project as it is known).

The results of my hour just outside

The results of my hour just outside

The rest of my day included a little bit of studying and watching the NHL Calgary Flames season opener against the Edmonton Oilers. The battle of Alberta is always an interesting match, until last night. While out with a good friend, an Oilers fan, we watched the first of many games to come this season. The score, upsetting for us Flames fans but little victories all around. I found myself constantly referring to the game, speed and skill, to pond hockey (sorry NHL).

I also managed to catch a glimpse of a movie set a block from my house. The person I spoke with was a little unsure of what the movie was in regards to. I wondered if he was just another citizen walking by the set who got caught up in the excitement of acting and decided to try his bit on me, in hopes of receiving his ten seconds of fame.

A glimpse into the set

A glimpse into the set

So, while I was not out on a hike or exploring a new cafe, I did manage to capture Wednesday in a new and exciting way. It was a great way to combine my academics with an outdoor activity and academics with hockey (we may have geeked out and processed the politics of grad school life as Roger’s arena was being inaugurated).

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