the life-changing magic of NOT GIVING A F*CK

Friends, I found the perfect book for me, and maybe you! It has been weeks since I finished reading it yet I refer myself to it almost daily. Sarah Knight’s, the life-changing magic of NOT GIVING A F*CK is exactly the permission I needed to cut people out of my life, to say NO when I do not want to do something, to allow myself to sit at home for hours on end and not feel guilty about it, and to live the life I want without constantly worrying about what others will think or perceive. Ultimately I have no control over others, their thoughts, and/or the way they want to see the world, SO, why give a fuck?

I will give you a quick snapshot of what not giving a fuck looks like from Knight’s book. But really, truly, if you are anything like me and worry about others before worrying about yourself, please do not hesitate, run to your nearest bookstore, and pick this book up. It will be the best $20 bill you have spent in a long time.

“Not giving a fuck: The basics

Not giving a fuck means taking care of yourself first

Not giving a fuck means allowing yourself to say no.

Not giving a fuck – crucially – means releasing yourself from the worry, anxiety, fear, and guilt associated with saying no

Not giving a fuck means reducing mental clutter…” (pg. 19)

Do I need to say more? Are you convinced this is a book to pick up? I think globally we worry about others, which I think you should still do, but there is a limit, a boundary, and a need to also worry about oneself. Within the first few pages of reading this book I found myself putting my cellphone down and not worrying about responding immediately, or at all, to messages. I gave myself permission to refuse social events without excuse, and even found myself trimming the people on my regular check-in list. I started to clean the physical clutter in my space to help reduce the mental clutter in my brain. And most importantly I started to trust that I am still a good person even if I say “NO”.

It is a quick read, a few hours at best, but it will change something in you. The mini worksheets at the end of certain chapters will also help you get your thoughts onto paper, walk you through the not giving a fuck process, and free you of weight you may or may not realize your bare.

Thank you Sarah Knight for this practical parody!

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