Easily Distracted

Dearest readers,

I have not forgotten about you. I think of you often, at least a couple times a day. Yet, I have failed to connect with you in a while. You may know me personally, for those of you who do not, let me tell you that I am easily distracted. I got excited that the sun joined in on my weekly adventures, that my April goal of being more social quickly became a reality, and caught up with the end of semester buzz. But, I have not forgotten you!

In the coming days I have a few exciting posts to share with you. Some are highlights of the past few hump day activities, some are insights into my recent ponderings, and another a trip down (recent) memory lane. So, I write hoping you are not as easily distracted as me and have stuck around in anticipation of blog posts to come. Before I go, let me share just one little thing with you.

My semester at Douglas College came to an end quicker than I anticipated. I built bonds with many of the students I was privileged to share in on their educational journey and well, I will miss seeing them each and every week. On the other hand, I am excited to not commute weekly and to enter an eighteen month pursuit to finish my doctorate. Back to my main point…(see easily distracted).

Each student has taught me something, all 61 of them, including my weakness of remember names. So, in recognition of their hard work, their sharing in and out of the classroom setting, and a hope that each of them remains actively engaged in their recreational pursuits while becoming therapeutic recreation specialists, I thought I would end each class with a little thank you.

A little note of appreciation for my students.

A little note of appreciation for my students.

A post exam treat for others

A post exam treat for others

What I got in return was unexpected, greatly appreciated, and tokens I will hold with me for years to come.

Thank you's from the third years!

Thank you’s from the third years!

Thank you's from the first years!

Thank you’s from the first years! I say “Say a little more…” at least 5 times each class. 

Material items aside, I could not have been thanked more for the past semester. The thing each of the students has yet to realize is that they are the ones that allowed the classes to flow as they did, for me to share in their learning journey, and that it was their engagement that set the scene in the classroom each and every day. Each of them should have said thank you to themselves, not to me. But, with overwhelming joy, I will accept their tokens of appreciate and constantly be reminded that we each need one another to achieve our goals and to get a little further in our journey.

Dear students, if you are reading this, I wish you all the very best in the years to come. I look forward to you making the TR field one that others desire to join, that aspires the greatest holistic health for yourselves and your clients, and that you live out each of your dreams. Live with intention and do not forget to “say a little more…”


Your blogger – Shemine

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