A Walking Reconnect

I’ve resided in Vancouver BC for nearly three months now and each day a new potential adventure presents itself. So while I’ve spent many of my hump days hiking trails I’ve googled or at coffee shops reading and writing, I have wanted to connect with a previous peer and now friend for a couple months. Things simply have not lined up. Today, while walking through Stanley Park and along the Seawall, the two of us were able to reconnect, nearly eighteen months after last seeing one another.


A birds-eye view of Stanley Park

I have ventured through Stanley Park a couple of times but never along the Tatlow walking trail. There are various walking trails that spin off of one another, which could lead to hours and hours of exploring. However the two of us headed towards Third Beach and then strolled along the Seawall to Second Beach and English Bay. The conversation, hearing another’s perspective, and talking to someone outside of my regular couple sets of ears was an added bonus.


Swans at Lost Lagoon


City view from Lost Lagoon







I think the amazing thing with Vancouver BC, and area, is that it takes less than fifteen minutes to find a body of water, to feel close enough to touch multiple mountains at once, while remaining close enough to the city that when the rain starts to pour you can slip into a local cafe or coffee shop, warm up with a hot coco, and refuel for your sure to be wet venture back to your starting point.

Walking through Lost Lagoon

Walking through Lost Lagoon

Walking along the Tatlow Walking Trail

Walking along the Tatlow Trail



Tatlow Walking Trail meets Third Beach


With a quick turn you look onto Ferguson Point and Kitsilano across the way












So, if you live in the West End, are around the West End for an afternoon, or need to venture beyond your city boundaries and want a quick get away that gives you forest life, water, and city, I highly suggest an afternoon or evening in and around Stanley Park. Take the time to (re)connect with a friend, make a new friend while you walk along the Seawall or spend the afternoon with your thoughts. Get lost in the beauty that British Columbia has to offer, it truly offers something wonderful.

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