Over the past couple of months I have been taking a different approach to moving from a state of health to healthy. It has, largely, involved less focus on the specifics and more so a broader view of how intentional engagement in the things that makes me happy has shifted my health. Through trial and error, attempting various forms of what some may call self-care but mostly attempting to live life to the fullest, I have hit a point in which I feel most whole.

So as we enter (well we’ve already entered) March, I have been thinking about what to focus on. In January I focused primarily on this blog and reading (Gaining Focus). February was all about Creativity. But the problem with picking a focus for March is that I do not want to be focused. I want just let March take me where it does as it is my last month in Vancouver BC. Actually, maybe my focus is then exploration. I want to see as much of Vancouver and area as possible while also remaining dedicated to my teaching, studies, journaling, drawing, and blogging.

While I think about how the activities of the past couple months have brightened my days, created space for me to be happy, and inspired me to think outside of the box in my teaching, professional practice, and the way I am approaching my academic research, I also think about how it is these same activities that have allowed me to feel holistically the healthiest.

Health 2 Healthy: Creatively and holistically becoming self

Health 2 Healthy: Creatively and holistically becoming self

It is thus, that I believe through a creative and holistic approach, one that fulfills the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social components of one’s life, that our health can shift to a state of healthy. For each of us, becoming self (our healthiest being) is just as unique as the things that interest and inspire us. It also requires us to be open to new forms of self-expression, allowing ourselves to be educated in various discourses, and willing to attempt things we may “fail” in.

I encourage you to try something new this month. Perhaps it is going for coffee on your own one afternoon, pulling out a piece of paper and pencil and letting your hand flow, or reading a book in a genre other than your regular. Let yourself free while you attempt to become self; the individual who is hiding under your epidermis and has been waiting for the perfect moment to free express one’s self. I believe the moment we achieve self, which may never fully occur as we are always becoming, is the moment we will truly feel our healthiest. It is therefore our responsibility to do as much as possible to help ourselves move from health to healthy.


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