Saturday Sunset

Every so often I get into these funks. I end up staying indoors for more days at a time then perhaps is healthy and usually my time is occupied with more than necessary hours of sleep, a little reading, some silent sitting, and television watching. If I manage to get out and about I am lucky.

The last few days has been exactly that except that I was forced out of the house in order to fulfill my duties as an educator. The moments I was with my students were great; I was excited, engaged, and felt like nothing could dampen my day. Things changed as soon as I stepped foot in the house. I have not been sad or angry, I just simply had little to no motivation to leave the house. So, last night I decided I needed to break the funk before it took over for more days then necessary.

An hour before sunset I decided to pack up my camera and head to English Bay and Stanley Park, here in Vancouver BC. I had learnt a couple days earlier that English Bay made the top of the list for best city beach in the World…did I hear correctly? I have been to English Bay a couple times before. It was the first place a friend had taken me when I came to Vancouver a few years back for a weekend visit. We had a great day and returned home dehydrated and sunburnt, all worth the time at the city beach!

Saturday’s sunset was a different experience. It was chilly, a cold I did not prepare for in my rush to leave the house before the sun set, and I was peacefully alone. The rain held off and the sky and water were nearly the same colour – I was in awe!

Vancouver city view from English Bay Beach

Looking across the water - in awe of the skies colour reflection in the water

Looking across the water – in awe of the skies colour reflection in the water

Chasing the Sun at Stanley Park

Chasing the Sun at Stanley Park

One lesson I have learned in the past few years and through my teaching is the need to attempt to snap the funk, crawl out of your rut, and break the trend as soon as you can. It may only take a walk outside, it may take a chat with a friend, or an intense workout that pumps the glycogen in your body to the max, a massage to release the tension you hold in your shoulder, or a really great meal. Whatever it takes, make it an accessible easy to accomplish task that will help you be the best you are!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Sunset

  1. Love this! I can relate to getting into those funks. When I feel one creeping up I try to make myself do something. Anything. I like to create something, but just going outside or catching up with a friend also helps. It’s amazing how it instantly changes my mood and perspective.


    • So true Juni. I think the challenge is that once the funk sets in the motivation to bounce back out dwindles and the cycle takes over. It is the ability to recognize the funk coming on that is most critical, in my opinion.


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