Find Your Art

As a young child I went through a phase where I would spend hours drawing (maybe tracing) vehicles and then I would pick one every so often that I would colour in and give to someone. I do not remember many of the vehicles or who I may have given them too but I do remember one motorcycle that I drew, coloured, and sent to work with my Mother for her boss. I always wanted a ride on his motorcycle.


The first of my drawing was getting my hand to relearn how to hold a pencil.

Then for many years I drew every so often, usually in secret and only for a few people to see. Yet, I have always been drawn to art, the sketching version. So, last week, as I decided that February was going to be dedicated to creativity, I picked up a sketch book, a learn to draw book, a couple drawing pencils, sharpened my pencil crayons and started the journey.

It was timely. Over the holidays one friend purchased a pocket vintage colouring book for me and more recently another friend bought me a postcard colouring book (I really enjoy snail mail) and pencil crayons in a cute cloth rollable holder. Clearly even my friends knew I needed a little push to activate my creative side.


The postcard colouring book and pencils my friend purchased for me.

My goal is to return to the basics. To learn how to use the various sized pencils efficiently and to spend a little quiet time each evening either drawing or colouring. Not only do I think that drawing and colouring provides a space for my body to calm itself and to unwind from the active day I likely had but I also think that many individuals are losing the ability to connect through paper and pen(cil).

For me, I find I think better when I am not in front of a screen. I spend more time reflecting on what I am writing instead of writing and constantly deleting. And perhaps a part of that is laziness in not wanting to carry around or use an eraser or getting frustrated when I have to cross out inked words, but more so it is because my hand moves at a rate more succinct with my brain. They work together versus my brain trying to catch up to my fingers. It may be odd to think about but I do think technology has changed the speed of our lives, our ability to remain focused and concentrate on one thing at a time, and to enjoy what we are doing.


The first of my drawing was getting my hand to relearn how to hold a pencil.

I am hoping that connecting with creativity will help slow down my mind and body just a little bit and to allow myself to enjoy each activity, project, connection, and conversation I engage in. Perhaps by the end of February I will have even drawn something I am proud enough to share online. Do not wait too patiently though, you may be waiting a lot longer than you would like for that to happen!

Happy Creative February everyone!

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