Adventure in Monochrome

Let’s be honest – the jealous side of me has gotten the best of me. I am constantly wishing I could take photographs like my brother, friends, and others on social media. I even have a pretty decent camera that I purchased way back when my brother and I decided it would be fun to go on outdoor adventures together and take pictures. In fact, our walk through the Kananaskis region in the dead of winter with snow up to my knees is perhaps one of my favourite adult memories. We laughed, we fought, we froze, and we took some great pictures.

The launch of Adventure in Monochrome

The launch of Adventure in Monochrome

I have also been feeling the need to distract myself from my everyday work, study, and gym life. The need for something different, something that would encourage me to get out and about, and something that I could potentially share with others took grips over my thoughts. So, as you may have already read, I started a project titled “Adventure in Monochrome”. I am hoping to learn the ways of black and white photography including shooting in monochrome as well as playing around with photoshop and learning to convert pictures to monochrome.

You can follow my project on Instagram (@adventureinmonochrome) or on Pinterest. If you have any tips for me, websites to explore, or places to adventure to as I attempt to pull out the creative side of myself, please do not hesitate to connect.

Actually, let me say one more thing. As of recent, I have reconnected with the Therapeutic Recreation field, the field of study and practice that kick started my professional student life. Over the years I have done a fairly okay job of balancing my recreational pursuits and my academic and professional lives, or so I thought. But, the more I teach and the more I encourage my students to enjoy their weekends, to do something meaningful and fun daily, and to not let school become the totality of their lives, I am reminded I need to do the same. That I, the one preaching recreational theory, is the same one that has scheduled my days to the maximum and left little time for my own recreation. Yes, I go to the gym but that is not necessarily recreation; the gym is a health pursuit that allows me to participate in other recreational activities. It is with this realization, as well as my jealously, that I have opted to spend February focusing on creativity.

Stay tuned, Michaels Craft Store might be seeing a lot of me and you may just get a glimpse into the crafts and other “artistic” activities I attempt over the next month. But do not fear, if you are here reading my blog mainly for Books to Build Solidarity, I will continue that pursuit as well!

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