Nerd Alert HumpDay

A delayed Hump Day adventure post.

Last week was focused on academics. After a weekend of celebrations, little sleep, and lots of social time it was back to the grind during the week, including hump day adventure. The day started a little slow but eventually I ventured to Café Divano for some studying. The Port Moody, BC, location had a rustic yet modern feel to it, with wooden decor and a touch of modern metal. The matcha latte was the first matcha tea I have had in nearly a year and I was quickly reminded of my drink affair with the rich green tea.

Matcha Latte to begin my study session

Matcha Latte to begin my study session

I think the one thing that caught my attention in this coffee shop tucked away behind condos and in-between a pet clinic and a pet grooming shop was the wall you initially see when entering the doors. There is a wall of youth pictures and their stories of success in sports. Each of these youth has the label of Autism but the success they have achieved because of the support of societies and agencies such as Café Divano is what came across loud and clear. For that reason alone I would not shy away from heading back to Café Divano.

Wall of Inspiration and Success!

After a study break, some lunch, and a quick nap I decided to head out again for a second round of nerd time. This time I ventured to Café Divano in Richmond, BC. I figured I would make a Café Divano day and check it off my “to go to” list. The Richmond location was larger with more seating but the decor was very similar. As a distraction I opted to purchase a homemade oreo cookie and am I ever glad I did. A perfect match for my green tea and study session.

Homemade Oreo Cookie at Café Divano

Homemade Oreo Cookie at Café Divano

So, for as much as I did not venture too far this past Hump Day, I did manage to find a coffee company I would not hesitate to return to while also managing to accomplish some academic writing.

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