Hot Chocolate Hump Day

Today was a low key hump day in and around Vancouver. If you have not heard, Vancouver is currently in the midst of a Hot Chocolate Festival and, well, hot chocolate is definitely one of my weaknesses. It was not until I started seriously caring for my health that I would not end the day with a large cup of coco. It was made with the perfect mix of chocolate powder, evaporated milk, hot water, and sometimes a couple marshmallows. I waited for the daily moment where I could sit on the couch, turn on an episode of Friends, and warm up to a cup of hot chocolate.

Our adventures today started at 49th Parallel. It is a cute wooden, concrete, and large glass window structure that makes housemade donuts, cookies, and various other desserts. Their list of hot and cold beverages is extensive, and the staff are friendly. It took a little searching and a couple minutes to find a table but once found it was easy to settle in for a few hours. There is not much more to say about this place other than I will go back!

Hot Chocolate & Lemon Bismarck Donut by Lucky's Doughnuts!

Hot Chocolate & Lemon Bismarck Donut by Lucky’s Doughnuts!

After a few hours of studying, Wednesday just would not have been complete without a little ice cream. But keeping within the Hot Chocolate Festival theme, we opted to get ice cream at our favourite local shop – Earnest Ice Cream and try their Ambrosio Affogato, a molten dark drinking chocolate over a Tahitian vanilla ice cream. You really cannot go wrong with this dessert option, unless you are counting your calories. But hey, happiness is central to positive health so indulge yourself once in a while!

Earnest Ice Cream does Hot Chocolate Festival

Earnest Ice Cream does Hot Chocolate Festival

These locations are only two of many spots supporting East Van Roasters’ program for the Downtown Eastside women’s job skills. If you’d like to know more about the Festival or locations you can visit, to indulge your hot chocolate secret side, check out Vancouver’s 6th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival Website.

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