Let’s Talk Definitions

I, throughout this blog, have been using the words health and healthy. But let’s talk about what these two terms really mean and why I am so keen to support others and myself to move from a state of Health 2 Healthy.

If you were to google the definition of health through the online Oxford Dictionary you will first come across the definition of “the state of being free from illness or injury”. The second response is a little more inline with my personal philosophy; “a person’s mental or physical condition”. But neither of these really hit the chord with me. I think about health in the sense that each of us has a level of health, whether it is positive or negative health and encompasses the social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of our lives. Health, as referred to here on Health 2 Healthy, is the life you are currently living, the condition you are currently in, including the challenges you may be facing. Our health can alter each day and from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. For example, you may wake up in a state of positive health and feel physically strong, emotionally at peace, and spiritually content. By the end of the day you may have caught your peers cold, feel drained because the day was long, boring, and taxing, or you may feel a sense of loneliness after realizing you have not had the opportunity to connect with your family. Thus, your health has shifted over the day. When we think about healthwe think about the current moment.

On the other hand, healthy, is defined in the online Oxford Dictionary in more relatable terms to the way I envision it. According to Oxford, healthy means “in good health”, “not diseased”, or the promotion of good health. I want us, the Health 2 Healthy community to think about it a little deeper. To think about healthy as your ultimate desire for your health. And similarly to health, I hope that your healthy constantly shifts too. For example, today you might feel like your goal is to start eating 3 nutrient packed, tasty, and fulfilling meals everyday that will help sustain your daily activities. By doing so, perhaps you believe you will achieve the greatest level of health in your life to date. But once you have established a consistent routine with meal preparation and regular eating, you may start to think about your spiritual health and want to gain a greater connection with nature. So you schedule morning walks into your day. Now, your health includes hearty meals and daily connection and a little movement. As you do this your body might start to crave more physical activity, so you start a workout routine in your house and so on and so forth. You get the point, right? Your desire to move to healthy is constant; you are always striving for better and along the way you are hopefully supporting those around you to achieve their healthy

Lastly, if you have been lucky enough to have not experienced any major health concerns in your life thus far, why wait until something negative comes up before you start to think about how entangled and connected each aspect of your life is. Begin to think about your holistic being; the social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components of your life. If, like many, you have been challenged by negative health experiences, it is not too late. Think about how your physical health impacts your spiritual health, how your mental health impacts your emotional health, how your emotional health impacts your social health, and all other possible combinations. Find the health component that is at its weakest today, in this current moment, and start working from there. Pick an activity to boost your health, seek medical help if necessary, and let yourself be vulnerable to those you trust most in hopes of building a support system that you can look to in the toughest of times.

It is my belief that it is time for our North American society to start shifting from individualism to collectivism. For us to work together to help each individual move from a state of Health 2 Healthy. And I cannot say how pleased I am that you have taken the time to read this post (and the many others). At the end of the day, my hope is to share with you various ways of achieving healthy, also known as holistic health. Holistic health being a state of positive health in all aspects of your life. I only hope that I inspire one other to start their journey to achieve a state of healthy!

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