Unexpected Achievements

My initial intention with Health 2 Healthy was to promote movement from an individuals current state of health to a state that was healthier, whether that be losing/gaining weight, promoting positive mental health, or adapting a spiritual practice. Each of us, as individuals, have a different understanding of what healthy means. Yet, many, if not all of us, stumble along the way and need support to reach our healthy. 

Moving from a state of Health 2 Healthy. Encourage yourself to grow through your journey.

Moving from a state of Health 2 Healthy. Encourage yourself to grow through your journey.

Along the short lived journey of this blog, I have transversed various themes including physical, mental, and spiritual health and have briefly looked at how traveling, crafting, books, meals, and physical activity can all play a role in achieving optimal health. For me, the journey started with a shift in my physical self and today I want to return to that key element in my movement for Health 2 Healthy.

I have always been active and have always participated in some form of physical pursuit, yet, I would say that I have never been physically healthy. Even at my prime while I played varsity field hockey I ate nutrient-lacking foods, lived off of minimal sleep, and rarely participated in activities that brought mental and spiritual calmness to my life. Then, for years I joined various running clubs and would jog my way through numerous communities in hopes of getting into some shape. Still, I was not eating well and often eating on the run. All physical activity took a back seat when I entered into my graduate studies and attempted to balance full-time school and full-time work. It was in the midst of this chaos that I decided I needed to do something for me. Thus my journey began.

Even in the hottest climates of East Africa I hid under sweaters

Even in the hottest climates of East Africa I hid under sweaters

Gaining confidence has been the greatest outcome

Gaining confidence has been the greatest outcome









The start of my journey was to get fit, to prove to myself that I could overcome some of my physical limitations, and to create a time in each day that I dedicated to me. It was usually the only hour and a half that I did not focus on work concerns or school pursuits and I started to enjoy each moment at the gym more and more. Then, as you maybe already know, I met my personal trainer, Storm. My personal training goals were not to look better but to feel better. I had become accustomed to my slightly larger frame and my ability to cover up my insecurities without knowing I was doing so was at a peak. I had convinced myself that I was just protecting myself from getting cold, which I frequently do and then struggle to warm up, but deep down inside I also knew it was more comfortable to be in baggy clothing. As I started to gain strength and my endurance improved I also started to feel better about my physical body. I started to stand up straighter, felt comfortable tucking in shirts, slipping on a pair of low-high-heels, putting on some make-up, and was less afraid to voice my opinions.

Like many others, I heard about, read about, and I think subconsciously knew about the power of feeling good in ones own body. But, again like many others, I never really knew I did not feel uncomfortable in my body. I think more than anything, my journey this far has directly taught me about the intricacies of our lives. It has brought a new perspective to the subject of holistic health that I have been academically primed in and now fully buy into. But more than the looks and the ability to comfortably dress in clothes that I would have never before picked off of a shelf at a store, it is the confidence that allows me to know that I am capable which has been the biggest outcome of my physical journey. I walk into interviews a little more sure of myself, stand in front of thirty-plus students and know that I am capable of sharing knowledge with them, and I am pretty sure come the summer months I will feel more comfortable with my sweater hanging from my bag versus wrapped around my body.

As you venture through your journeys, my biggest suggestion is to not limit the potential outcomes. Be open to what the experience brings you, for you may also realize that your goal in one area of your life has greatly impacted another. It is in these moments that our lives find wholeness and that we become possibilities of greatness. Define your own state of healthy and enjoy the gains (physical, mental, and spiritual).

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