Hump Day Exploration

Arriving in Vancouver awakened something in me. My desire to get outside increased, my focus was redefined, and I was excited to meet new students, coworkers, and potential friends. I think it is largely due to the fact that the city feels alive. For the most part things are open past 5pm and people are out and about, unlike Victoria. And as great as it has been to feel invigorated it also meant that I had and have an itch to explore.

I teach three days a week and study the rest, but as I teach about leisure and recreation I am reminded of my own need to balance work and play. So, knowing that I had Wednesday off from teaching I decided it was a good day to head to Whistler, B.C., with a friend. I have been to Whistler once before for a few hours with a couple other friends but have never explored, followed the trails, or really absorbed the beauty Whistler has to offer.


First glance at Whistler Village

After arriving in Whistler Village we headed indoors for lunch at a simple and cozy pub. We needed to add some calories to our day before we headed out on a three hour walk through the trails of Whistler. Snow covered trails were lined with trees that repented but held onto the frost, likely waiting for a warming to pass by in order to drink at a more mild temperature and avoiding internal frostbite. If you did not know, trees are pretty smart!

Wandering the trails

As we walked and generally talked we also made time to take pictures, discuss philosophy and academic life, pondered over the lifestyles of those residing in Whistler, ate ice cream and shopped at the local candy store. It was exciting to be in the snow, to be surrounded by mountains and trees (lots of trees), to breath the fresh air, and to have a day away from the realities of our lives.


Sunset in the Village – a day to remember

Over the next few months I will share with you our, my friend and I’s, hump day adventures. I am hoping they will expose me to the various offerings of the mainland (Vancouver and surroundings) and encourage both of us to spend a few uninterrupted and decidated hours focusing on our academic pursuits as we unwind in local coffee shops and cafes.

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