Plan for Success

Each week I start off by planning what is coming up. I used to really like planning for weeks and weeks at a time but learned that it was just too difficult. There are definitely appointments that are booked in advance which find their way into my day-timer as soon as I learn about them. But then the little things like when I want to study, when I want to work on the courses I am teaching, when I want to spend time on my blog, those kinds of items are usually planned each Sunday night.


One week of planning looks like this – mostly I remind myself when to eat!

I have yet to adopt the tech-savy way of planning my week on my iPhone, iPad, laptop or computer calendar. In fact all these calendars are synced, I just refrain from using them. I enjoy my handy agenda that travels with a set of pens and goes basically everywhere I do. I plan everything from when I will eat to when I will study, journal, and go to the gym. It is all laid out for me so really there is not too much thinking that needs to happen during the week to keep myself organized.

I use fun colours primarily to keep myself entertained and little bit of organizing. I like to put random stickers where they feel appropriate to brighten up the page and I often use sticky notes for really important things. The extra layer of paper seems to make me refer to it more often.

Let me focus on the eating for just a moment. You may wonder why it takes up most of my planning space. Really eating only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to do. I pick two days a week where I spend about an hour meal prepping and then throughout the week I simply take out my prepackaged meals, warm them up and chow down. My problem is that I get distracted and caught up in other activities and I forget to feed myself. Having my day-timer open and next to my keyboard is a constant reminder that I need to do something at a specific time and with a quick glance I am reminded to grab some grub. It works for me and makes it easier to say, “Yes, I ate really well” when I am asked at each of my workout sessions how my nutrition is going. A little accountability can go a long way.

I guess what I am suggesting is that some planning can be extremely beneficial. We all have our own techniques to plan. Some still prefer paper and pen (or pencil) while others have upgraded to their smart devices. Whatever works for you I think you might just find some success in planning your week. Maybe you will accomplish a tad bit more than the week previous and if not maybe you will feel a little guilty for slacking off and be a little more motivated to accomplish all the things on your schedule in the following week(s). In todays day and age we are stretched pretty thin, I think. We have various activities and commitments. Each has a degree of priority but likely most things need to get done at some point. Finding a way to keep yourself on top of each activity, task, and commitment without having to plan in the moment may just open up some free time you never thought you had.

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