Gaining Focus

A few posts ago (Create A Theme) I talked about how I do not have one particular interest but that I get excited by a variety of things. And while I enjoy the ability to jump from one activity to the next, somedays I find myself feeling torn between what I want to do. This is also something I every so often hear from clients; the ability to prioritize and determine what to do first is often harder when everything you want to do is leisure based.

Nearly three years ago a client came to me with the inability to prioritize her leisure activities and then found herself not doing anything for her leisure, which in a sense is doing something. In that moment I came up with an activity for my client to do, something I had never tried before. For five nights I asked my client to set the timer on her phone for three minutes. While the timer was running she would write down any word(s) that came to her mind. On the fifth night, after she completed the activity, she would go through the daily lists and pick the two things that were mentioned most over the five days. These two items would than become her focus for the month ahead.

I constantly returned to this activity in my head. It seemed to help my client, or at least she let me believe it did. I never did attempt the activity for myself though. But with the start of 2016, I thought I would give the activity a go. It took some effort to remember to do the activity each day but I found that having a short, focused, and a non-exhausting activity to do also motivated me to spend some time journaling each night.

3 Minutes x 5 Days to help focus the next 30 days

3 Minutes x 5 Days to help focus the next 30 days



By the end of my five days I realized just how varied and focused my thoughts and desires are. While I have a desire to partake in crafts, to begin to declutter, to maintain and improve my fitness, and reconnect or build new relationships, the top two things that came up for me was books and blog. Thus, for the month of January I will spend majority of my free time either free reading or writing here on Health 2 Healthy. Come late January I will do the above activity over again and see what two things February will be focused around.

As it is just the start of my own journey through this activity I have very little to say about the effects. I can say that writing out random words filled the three minutes faster than I thought it would and that I was constantly excited by the lists and the possibilities. Nothing seemed too far fetched nor overwhelming. One night after creating my list I remember feeling like a fire was lit within my core; I had gained a new sense of motivation while writing. So, if you are looking for a way to focus your desires, maybe this activity is exactly what you need.





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