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It is not difficult to find blogs, instagram accounts, twitter feeds and so forth that are rooted in a theme. From fashion bloggers to food critics, crafters, sports enthusiasts, and books; people seem to be sharing their lives with others through an intentional lens. I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

As a counsellor I get to see people with various challenges. Largely I work with women and children fleeing domestic abuse or those wanting to engage in open and challenging conversations about their spiritual identity. But I have also dipped my toes into child life, submerged my early career in therapeutic recreation, and now find myself jumping into education. Similar to my career path, my clients do not necessarily come to me with one concern (or theme). It thus becomes critical that I am able to dabble in various directions, explore various causes of concern, and engage in conversations through various modes of communication.

#socksunday ready!

#socksunday ready!

My life is but one theme. Today my interest is sparked by my recent learning that there is a whole community of “bookstagramers”, people that instagram their reading and book collections. They also use the hashtag “#socksunday”; how could I not get excited? Intrigued, I figured it may be a social media community worth attempting (in the coming days). Just as easily I could become part of the “gymrat” community. And, without diving deeper than necessary (you can read more about some of this in a years time when my dissertation is hopefully complete), I fit into various categories including female, Canadian, athletic, educated, Muslim, student, educator, East Indian, crafter, counsellor, traveller, and so forth.

Similar to the multi-directional roots of these trees, my interests take me in various directions

Similar to the multi-directional roots of these trees, my interests take me in various directions

I find it challenging to limit myself to one concept. To pick a topic and stick with it, solely. I like diversity. I enjoy being able to move from one interest group to another, from one activity to the next. And I think it benefits my counselling and teaching practices. With a vase array of interests, and things I can do to an satisfactory level of achievement, it is usually possible to find a point of connection with others. So, although I thought about creating one specific theme to focus on for 2016 in an attempt to declutter my mind and space, I think my theme is one of scattered interests. Each mini-theme, or lets call them interests, makes up my overall theme of life.

If, like some of my friends and I, you are feeling the need for 2016 to be better than 2015 then I wonder if focusing your energies around a specific theme may be helpful. Perhaps 2016 is the year you decide to join the “bookstagram” movement, or find yourself becoming a “gymrat”, or maybe you want to spend the year learning to craft, living simply, eating better, joining the funky sock movement, or continuing your education. However, sometimes with so many options and opportunities we can lose focus on the things that really matter to us. Thus, if having a theme gives you motivation and direction, I think it is a good thing.

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