Declutter 2016

I think it is fair to say that we, as human beings in the Western world, are great at collecting stuff. We always want one more thing. For me it is books. There is always another book I could pick up. But I can also always use an extra pair of socks, another pair of shoes, more art supplies and so on. I like stuff but I am also not great a getting rid of stuff. So, it collects and I continuously create new ways to organize and store all of my stuff.

A space to declutter

A space to declutter

During 2016, along with documenting my weekly successes (Hit Reset), I am going to purge items from a section of my house each month. For example, January I might clean out my bathroom; recycle almost empty shampoo and conditioner bottles after I have intentionally finished any little product left in them. Maybe create a bag of donations with things like old towels that I never use, extra unused nail files, and so forth. Then in February I will think about my bedroom closet. There are definitely clothes in there that I have not worn for years that someone else in need could put to good use. You get the idea. Each month spend a few hours decluttering one part of your house.

My guess is that by the summer months you will start to feel a little lighter and that your house will fill itself with sunbeams versus the various items you have collected over the years. The best part of it is that most of the stuff you get rid of are likely items others are looking for or are in need of. So, do not head straight to your dumpster. Load up your vehicle or borrow a friends, and drop your stuff off at a GoodWill or a Thrift store. By decluttering your own space you are helping another sustain theirs!

If you are looking for specific ways to declutter your space, check out Pinterest. Searching “decluttering ideas” will yield to hundreds of ways to make your space a little less crowded. A couple of posts that I liked included a List of Things to Dispose Of and Declutter 101. Decluttering does not have to be exhausting or taxing, a simple task done once a week or even once a month will help you start to feel better in your space.

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