Hit Reset

January 1st is fast approaching. It is a day when many of us hit the reset button and start to conquer new goals and dreams. For many of my friends and I 2015 was trying. It offered not only challenges to overcome but a new outlook on life. A couple of my friends started new educational programs, others started new hobbies, while others joined me on my journey to improve my physical health. Yet, we all have bigger dreams for 2016. So, over the next week and a bit I hope to share with you potentially new, unique, and exciting ways to make 2016 a year to remember.

Today I sat down and prepared 52 envelops, each with the week number placed in the upper right hand corner of the envelop and a blank card inside. For each week, from January 24th, 2016 to January 24th, 2017 I will place a picture or write a note to document one positive outcome of the week. Some weeks may focus on my mental health while others might focus on my spiritual or physical health, but, each Sunday I will seek out the one thing that topped the week. Once sealed the envelop will be returned to the basket. At the end of the year, on my 30th birthday (Wow, 30 already!) I will open each envelop up and uncover the 52 achievements and/or successes of the year that just past.

52 weeks to 30 years of age!

52 weeks to 30 years of age!

Maybe you want to do the same for yourself. Maybe you want to create a similar activity for your family and next year when you gather around your fireplace on New Years Eve you will get to reminisce over 52 fun, exciting, and proud moments of your year. Or maybe you want to create a short term set of envelops to document your process through a specific period in your life. For example, maybe January 1st, 2016 is when you hit reset and return to the gym. Perhaps you have signed up for a 12 week training program and want a way to document your progress. Why note take pictures or note the weights you use and at the end of your program layout a visual representation of your achievements.

Documenting short-term achievements

Documenting short-term achievements

Be creative. Decorate your envelops and the content inside as you see fit. Enjoy the process and make 2016 your best year yet!

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