The Little Things

I think it is reasonable to say that we all have various little things hanging around our houses. They can sometimes be hard to organize and often times take up more space than we imagine. It is one of my many pet peeves when things do not have somewhere quick to be placed and without thought after usage. But then I am also picky about how things are stored, what the storage container looks like and if said containers are versatile. I mean, who knows if I will stop liking its usage one day and decide it is better for holding something else.

My most recent project fulfilled a bit of my organizational compulsions. Somehow over the past few years I have found an increase in bathroom supplies. I have a shampoo to help prevent the dry scalp I am prone to, a couple different sized nail clippers, various body soaps, a few more makeup items, and so forth. It was driving me bonkers that I could no longer line up these items in my bathroom drawer with easy access to each item. They started to block each other and my ability to walk into the bathroom without the lights on and pick up what I needed was quickly disappearing. It was time to get a new organizational system in my bathroom, one that I could quickly pull together and transport to and from locations.

I searched for flexible, soft, and strong baskets but ended up making my own.

I searched for flexible, soft, and strong baskets but ended up making my own.

After a couple weeks of searching stores (by stores I mean Walmart on multiple occasions) I got fed up. I knew exactly what I wanted but could not find it. So I got creative, with the help of Pinterest. I pulled out some yarn I had from a previous unfinished project, bought myself a crochet hook, and started creating. I struggle to read knitting and crocheting instructions but I watched a quick 45 second video clip on how to start a basket and then made up the rest as I went. My attention span to learn through observation is extremely short.

Home made basket in use

Home made basket in use

In the end, with many errors and mistakes, I managed to make three baskets that I can easily unroll the tops of, take an extra piece of yarn, tie it up, and carry my items wherever needed.

It was this project that kick started my desire to want to get back to crafting. Ever since childhood I have enjoyed various crafts but I gave a lot of it up over the last years. Really there is only so much one person can do. Yet, while I was crocheting these baskets I realized that my level of stress was decreasing, at least for the moment, and my happiness increasing. I fell asleep faster and woke up refreshed. The two days I spent on this project revived something in me that was hidden.

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