Fresh Start

Every year around this time people gear up for the holidays. It is not uncommon for people to end interactions with “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”. It is also the time when people get creative. Individuals shop for that little extra item that will make their homes a little warmer and more festive. Many also start to think about New Years Resolutions. I have been thinking about the New Year for a while now including in a recent post (Transitioning). As I think about the New Year, I think about ways people can overcome the challenges they faced in the present year (2015), maintain or excel in their accomplishments, and how an individualist society can potentially move along the spectrum towards collectivism. I might be naive but I think it is possible to live a more collective lifestyle than many of us currently do. But I will save my ideas for making 2016 special and memorable for another post, after all I want you to keep coming back.

For today, I wanted to share with you a few changes that you may notice here on the blog. As I move into 2016 I am hoping to expand my creativity, to declutter my home and life, and to surpass the physical, mental and spiritual goals I have met. You may notice a slightly altered website, new categories and topics of interest,  updated pages, and likely some errors and mistakes as I move out of my comfort zone, just a little bit. It is no secret that I believe everything we do in our lives impacts our health. As we sit on the floor and colour or paint, when we buy the fancy new bedding or we head outside for a walk, all of these things bring something to our lives.

Also, I will be living in a home away from home so I will also be learning the skills of blogging from various devices and not just the comfort of my desktop. I am hoping you will stick by me, work with me, and continue to follow my blog. My desires for 2016 are big, really big, and I would be sad if you missed out on sharing the journey with me!

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