This is not the post I had in mind for today but here we go.

December is a month when people begin to plan New Years Resolutions and often think about transitions that are going to take place in the months ahead. I usually wait till my birthday to make such resolutions. After all that is the beginning of my new year. But with resolutions and plans to better ourselves spiritually mentally and physically, to further educate ourselves, to change the world, to globe trout, and so forth we also end many other practices in our lives. Such is my case.

FullSizeRenderHealth 2 Healthy started when I recognized my own need to bring balance to my spiritual, mental and physical health. Nearly seven months ago I started a journey to better my health in a more serious manner. I reconnected with activities that I believe increase my spiritual health such as journaling, meditating, beach walks, and connecting with others. At the same time I started training with Storm (StormFitNation), eating better, taking my vitamins regularly, and so forth. Over the past two months I also trained with Baylea (Baylea Wilkins’ Site) who helped increase my endurance and sparked my interest in boxing. The dedication to my spiritual and physical health allowed me to remain actively engaged and focused on my academic learnings. My mental health went from months of feeling sad, stressed, and agitated to feeling more happiness, more motivated, and with a desire to excel. My journey is not over. I have many more goals that I wish to conquer. But, the time has come for me to start training myself and to set new goals.

It just so happens that my transition comes at a good time. As life transitions to the year 2016 and I make a move to a new city for a new adventure, the foundation I have built to maintain a healthy spiritual, mental and physical balance will only continue to develop and transform. Do not get me wrong, I am feeling the pressures of transitions. I am thinking about how I will hold myself accountable to my daily workouts, how I will balance a new career with my current academic pursuits, and I am questioning if I am making the right decisions. I worry that the community of support I have here in Victoria BC will not follow my crossing to the mainland and similar to all new things I pursue, I worry I may not like what is in store for me next. But these worries only make me want to work harder to prove that each transition in life is for a positive reason that will better my community and I.

Basically, I am saying that I have hit a point in my year where the things that have been consistent are shifting and I am feeling a little uneasy about all of it. I am looking for the positives in these transitions, just as I would encourage my clients to do, and I am hoping that bigger and better is headed my way. I believe part of being in community and in counselling is my own ability to acknowledge and voice my own feelings, something I am not great at. But here, for you to witness, I become witness to my own inner thoughts, successes, challenges, and desires in a hope to inspire you to do the same.

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