Comb Your Hair

For most of my life I have been attempting to tame my hair. It is curly and wavy and usually fairly long. It is no longer long, well comparatively. But it is still curly and wavy. As a child I strongly disliked having to comb my hair or having my mother comb it. It was painful and took so long. Five minutes as a child feels like a lifetime!

                          My new do

My mother taught me various ways of doing my hair. For almost a decade, maybe even longer, I would tie my hair in the exact same way every day. I would shower and tie my hair right away. Getting a brush through it while it is wet is best. I would put my hair half up using a clip then I would gather all of my hair and make a low pony tail that I would then add hair ties too for the length of my hair. It kept it all together and conveniently I could thrash my head back and forth and have a wipe, or my brother could pull me along with my long tail.

Then, for the past decade or so I would put my hair up in a bun. No one really ever knew how long it was, either did I for the most part. But, I recently cut it, as you may recall, and I think I am liking the craziness that my hair is when it is open and free. Perhaps this will become part of my new style – a little flare never hurt anyone!

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