Mum’s Always Right

I am in no way a fashion blogger nor do imagine I ever would be qualified for such a topic. Fashion is simply something I do not yet grasp or much care for…until more recently.

I remember as a young youth my mother, and sometimes my father, would encourage me to dress up a little more. I am extremely comfortable in my sweat pants and a hoodie. I never really wanted to sit around and do my hair or put makeup on and then put on fancy clothing. I can hear my brothers voice saying “every so often you go through these phases that you say you are going to start getting dressed up”. It is true. Over the last few years every so often I get my act together for a week and then slip back into my regular routine of tying my hair back, throwing on my glasses, putting on the first thing I see that looks comfy, and running out the door.

I usually run out of the house like this

I usually run out of the house like this

But this week, on a couple occasions I have done the whole thing. Did my hair, put on some makeup, dressed up a little bit, and left the house. It was not until I did this a couple times that I started to understand what my mum has been telling me for years. Putting yourself together is about feeling good about yourself. It has nothing to do with the people you may see or interact with. I get it, kind of! It definitely clarifies why some of the elders in the building I live in are all dolled up just to go downstairs to the laundry room. They must feel better about themselves.

This weeks adventures out look

This weeks adventures out look

So, now I sit and think about why one gets dressed. How it impacts an individuals life and if it is something I might maintain this time around. Why do you get dressed up? Do you get dressed up? And have you noticed it changes your life in any way? Please share as I venture through understanding the benefits to spending the extra hour plus a day to prepare to leave the house. An hour compared to my fifteen minutes from waking up to leaving the house is a significant difference friends.

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