Disconnect to Reconnect

I live in my body. Well, technically, we all live in our bodies. But for me it is something more. I learn, feel, and share first through the reactions of my physical body and then through the mental thought process. I think I have mentioned my somatic self before so I will not go into here. Saying this, I have been feeling really disconnected from my body. It has been telling me something for some time now and I have been ignoring it on a unconscious and conscious level. I often realize that I am missing something my body is telling me when it starts yelling, usually through irrational emotions.

Walking the trail to Mystic Beach

Walking the trail to Mystic Beach

Today, in a way I put my school work aside. In a sense, the activities I participated in was exactly what was required for me to continue to explore my own personal journey and to begin to articulate my identity. After my morning workout I decided to go on a hike. I turned off my phone and traveled the Juan De Fuca Trail. For most of the hike to Mystic Beach and back to my vehicle I was alone. Every so often I would come across a couple of hikers, we would say our quick hellos, and I would continue on my way. I was at peace, in my element, and reconnecting with my body.

Along the way I took various pictures. Some more exciting then others. Some to signify the challenges I overcame along the way, such as crossing a suspension bridge. If you know me even a little bit you know that I am not the biggest fan of heights and I do not really like bridges. But the only way to get to the beach was to cross the bridge.

Preparing myself to cross the Pete Wolfe Creek suspension bridge

Preparing myself to cross the Pete Wolfe Creek suspension bridge

So I stopped and took a couple pictures before getting on the bridge (while I prepared myself to stroll across), took a couple quick pictures while I was on the bridge, and then another couple after I got off. Can you tell that this was a really big thing for me today?

Once I made it to the beach I was feeling pretty good. I spent a few minutes on the beach taking some photos and eating a snack. I think I am struggling to regulate my sugars so I find the need to snack every so often. The beach was amazing and if it was warmer I may have debated taking off my shoes and dipping my toes into the ocean. But after taking photo’s until my heart was content (the joys of digital photography) I put my camera away and decided I would swiftly hike back to my vehicle. I was on a bit on a time constraint as I needed to be online by 16:00 for the online course I teach.

The Waterfall at Mystic Beach

The Waterfall at Mystic Beach

The hike back brought some unexpected feelings for me. I, for the first time in days, was smiling for no reason. I was energized and each step it felt like I was going faster and faster. By the time I reached my vehicle I was sweaty and calm. My shoulders felt like they had dropped centimetres although that may be due to the mini-massage my trainer/friend gave me at the end of today’s workout. I felt like the spirit within me had returned and that I was ready to conquer the next task on my to do list. But before I open up the next book on my reading list I thought I would share my lesson of the day.

Today I learned the value of finding the things that make me happy in my life, the things I can do to bring my spirits up and require no one but me to be present. For me it is being in nature, doing something active, and soaking up the sun and fresh air. Each of us has something, if not multiple things, that bring us joy, I believe. And today, I learnt that it is sometimes important to disconnect from social media, from friendships and other relationships, and to fully participate in an activity with the self. I encourage each of you to find your grounding activity, your spirit lifter, and the one (or many) thing(s) that bring you a sense of calmness is this chaotic world we live within.

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