World Mental Health Day

Tomorrow, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day.

I could go on a long tangent but I really do not have one. I believe each of us has mental health; after all we all have mental capabilities. We each have moments of strength and weakness. All of us have coping mechanisms or the ability to learn how to cope with the ups and downs life brings. And more importantly, as the world becomes a trickier and more complex place to live within our mental health will continue to be impacted in various ways.

So more than anything, I think today (and everyday) we (or at least I) should take a few moments out of the day to reflect on what keeps us positive and gives us hope. As we reflect on World Mental Health Day, turn to a friend, call a family member, or find a stranger on the sidewalk and smile at them, say hello, and tell others how much you care for them. It is sure to brighten up their mental health, even just for a few moments!

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