The more I think about it the more I think it is odd how bored I get. I have a lot going on in my world, I usually have more than necessary. Everything from school, teaching, volunteering, and taking care of my health. Yet, over the last couple weeks I have found myself getting antsy and wanting something more.

Likely not a surprise to many, but oddly a surprise to myself, I started searching for a job. Yes, yes, I know my full time job is to finish my doctoral studies and do not worry my supervisor is excellent at reminding me about this fact. But I just feel like I could do more, that I should be doing more. Not to mention I am quickly running out of savings so having a little bit of an income would be helpful; I do not live a cheap lifestyle.

The-cure-for-boredom-is-curiosityWhen I am bored I tend to waste a lot of time. I watch more television. I pace around my apartment more. I wander the isles of the grocery store when I know I only need two or three items and I attend to my social media more regularly. I find it fascinating how having more to do leads to greater productivity yet while I have plenty of time it takes all of my energy to write a 500 word grant application.

If I had unlimited funds I would travel the world and pay someone to transcribe my thoughts into a piece of art, or my dissertation. But to fill my boredom I will seek a job. Maybe it is time for a city change; I have lived in Victoria longer than most places I have resided as an independent adult. I say independent because I technically live on my own and for the most part support myself but I still sometimes rely on my parents to support my travels and eating habits. Thanks Mum and Dad!

What do you do to fill your boredom?

One final note. When I work with children and youth and they tell me they are bored I get them to define boredom. They often get frustrated and I secretly think it is wonderful. For me, boredom is when I get an itch to do something but I do not know what that something is. Is that even a fair definition? Okay, I’ll stop rambling and let you get back to your day!

One thought on “Boredom

  1. Ha ha ha! Yes, you don’t do nearly enough. Get out there and do more! I just call you when I get bored. Loves


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