Flight the Lull

I had an overly productive long weekend. I think it is customary to relax and enjoy weekends, especially long weekends. Usually this is my approach to life but this past weekend was different. I easily spent fourteen hours on Saturday and Sunday at my desk working away with no real desire for a distraction. Even the need to get up and refill my glass with water felt like a pull away from the flow of work. But I did, knowing that today’s workout would be even harder if I was not fuelled well over the weekend.

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, literally and figuratively. I usually sleep on the right side of my bed; it is closer to the night stand that holds my bedside books and the lamp that lights up my room on those nights I cannot sleep and need to do something. Like most nights, last night I read a little before turning off my lamp and crawling under the covers. I started the night on the right side of my bed. This morning, I woke up on the left. It felt uncomfortable to have the edge of my bed on the wrong side, I was disoriented physically and mentally. It just so happened my mood matched my positioning. I just felt off. Nothing happened, I just hit a lull.

It is moments like this that I wonder if I can turn around and go back to sleep. Maybe if I woke up again things would fall back into place. But I had a commitment to meet my trainer so going back to bed was not an option. I powered through my session and hoped along the way I would sweat out the lull. Today, it just did not happen. So I must resort to something else to pull me along. There are things to do, projects to start, readings to complete, writings to initiate, and so much more.

I wish I had some mind blowing idea to share with you that I hope gets me going. Sadly I do not. Yet as I journey along I think it is important to share the challenges faced. Social media has become the site, or should I say sites, of joy sharing. You largely find peoples pictures that share the best of their lives, you read stories of success, and become witness to the greatness people transform into. It is less likely that you will find people sharing their challenges, although this is definitely visible on some blogs. Thus, I think it is important for you, the reader, to become witness to the ups and downs that go on in my world and likely many others worlds.

In practice I often teach methods to help individuals cope with or overcome their challenging moments. I often think about it as if these skills and tools are listed on a piece of paper that is tucked into my back pocket at all times. I have learned how to be others cheerleaders, to motivate and inspire others, and to constantly highlight the others achievements. In the academic discipline of child and youth care we call this a strengths-based approach. But knowing these techniques does not necessarily make it easier to implement them. Even as a practitioner I need to step back, recognize the lull I may be in, reflect and then devise a plan to conquer my lull; no different than someone without a background in counselling or supportive care.

So today, I will spend some time doing just that. Recognizing that I am in a lull will lead to reflection. These reflections will hopefully lead to the underpinning of the lull and then a plan to conquer will be devised. When you hit a lull, a wall or feel like you have been hit by a truck I hope you spend a few moments taking some deep breaths, remembering that life will go on, and then begin your own process to getting back on track. Seek the strength from within yourself and do not fear reaching out for support. We all need our cheerleaders! (Previous post on cheerleaders)

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