Global Awareness

Let me begin by saying I am going to take a risk by writing this post. It could be controversial, I have thought it over for days now and I feel a strong urge to say it.

I rarely turn on the television. If it is on it is usually in the background creating noise in my quiet apartment or drowning out the noise of the people living above me. Whoever lives there must do some kind of manual labour from their apartment. But a few days ago I turned the television on to access Friends on Netflix. Sometimes I watch Friends while I am eating a meal, it is the perfect length and I know what is going to happen so if I miss something I am not too concerned. As I waited for my Telus Optiks to load I caught a brief fifteen seconds of a show, I think called The Social; the show with a few ladies who talk about things. Anyways, what I caught really caught my attention. I almost debated watching it for longer but knew my meal was getting cold and eating is usually the only time when I am not thinking about school so I wanted a real break.

All I heard was something like ‘I know about K9 cancer but not whats going on in Syria…there just is not enough time in the day to know about everything’. These are not the exact words with a little bit missing in the middle, something about not her interest. My immediate reaction was WHAT?!? I do not have pets, we never had pets as children. I enjoy dogs and had always thought about getting one but realized I do not have time to care for one nor do I really like the idea of fur being in my house. I know a little bit about K9 cancer through some friends and a fair bit on Syria, mostly from listening to the news every so often and being aware of what I notice on social media.

I am fully aware that many do not want to be witness to the cruelties that take place in the world we live in. That is completely fair. But as a talk show host I feel like it is somewhat your responsibility to know the general happenings of the world. I do not know the full story so I cannot really say more than my immediate reaction being a little stunned. The show was hosted the day a little boy from a refugee camp in Syria was found face down and at his premature death (or some would say that was his predetermined time). Aylin Kurdi’s death has brought attention to various facets of politics, global support, the status of those in refugee camps and so on. To say you do not have time to know about these facts is what is bothersome to me.

Today, a few days later, I wished I had listened in a little longer. I would have liked to say more here but all I can say, without overstepping my knowledge, is that I found it odd to know that a public figure, one I am sure millions watch, is openly saying there is not enough time to know about some of the serious things that are taking place in our world. I could protect my comments by saying that on the flip side there is only limited time in the day and we each decide how we want to use and spend that time, our interests vary, and so on. It just does not feel right to say that though – there is tragedy taking place every moment of the day (including K9 cancer). As a public figure I feel you take on the responsibility to be slightly aware of the happenings in the world so when asked about it you are at least aware of them.

But that’s just my opinion.



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