My name is Shemine Gulamhusein.  I go by Shemine and really only Shemine. Not babe, doll, love, etc!

I remember as a child my brother always, without fail and until this day, introducing me as ‘Shemin’ to his friends. Not ‘Sha-mean’ as it is pronounced by many individuals and the way I introduce myself to others. Maybe the ‘e’ at the end of my name messes things up but I think it makes me unique so do not forget it.

Early on I bought into gender specific roles without really even known about gender specific roles. I was often referred to as a “tom-boy” and really never thought twice about it. I enjoyed being considered a little tougher and not so “girly”. The academic side of me would now sit and think about why I ever even needed to be classified or identified but that is beyond this particular post.

However, I do resist certain components of gender specific roles/titles. I strongly dislike being referred to as babe, doll, hun, love, etc by other individuals. There are a few people in my life that have a nickname for me; my brother (my best friend) does not. He calls me Shemine and I call him Bhaa (elder brother). My parents mostly call me Shemine but sometimes Beta (my child). A couple of friends, and really I mean couple (2) have  nicknames for me but manly call me Shemine as well. I prefer to be referred to by my name. It is how my parents intended individuals to acknowledge and identify me and there is something special about it.

Now, I fully understand that others enjoy nicknames, that it is common among many friendship groups and so forth. I do not think nicknames are wrong by any means, I simply prefer my name. In fact, for years I was called Bird – I worked at a camp that required us to have camp names. I never liked the fact that I had a nickname but it was part of the deal and I loved my job so I dealt with it. So, when you plan to reference me, call me, or want me to engage in conversation with me please use my name. You may find that this is one area I am passive aggressive in (I will own that) but if you call me by something I dislike (something other than my name) I am likely to avoid conversation with you. It is an unconscious response and one that I do not feel too upset about.

This is one of my not so lenient attributes but hey, if you are reading this blog you want to know me, the real me, right?

My name is Shemine Gulamhusein!

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