Something Clicked

As a child I remember my brother constantly having music on. Sometimes you would catch him singing along or dancing to the beats. I never understood why he enjoyed it or how he remembered the words to various songs. He always had a great voice and I was always a little jealous of his talent. My years in band were odd as well – I think I learnt I was tone deaf early on but decided that I was going to play my clarinet anyways. I managed to play for all of Jr and Sr High School. In undergrad it was the running joke in my friend circle that I would just hum along to songs cause I did not actually know the song lyrics. At first it was embarrassing and then it was just funny.

In the last few weeks I have not been able to go a day without having music on. It is either playing on my computer, my iPhone docked in a system I bought years ago and recently pulled out (the remote no longer works and I do not know how to change the battery), in my car, or on my iPod while I am wandering around or am at the gym. Oddly I have started to pick up lyrics and even started to pay attention to the stories told throughout an album. My brother always told me that listening to full albums shares a different light on a song then listening to it alone. I am currently listening to The Bohicas – The Making Of in case you are wondering.

I have been thinking about what makes something click in ones mind. What has occurred in the development of my brain that all of sudden music is becoming a part of my world? Why was it significantly easier for me to pick up the ukulele and guitar I own and learn chords this time around compared to years past? Any bio-psych individuals out there that can explain this to me?

Whatever the reasoning I can say, with an understanding now, that I get why people get lost in music during different moods. It makes exciting times more fun, those less happy moments feel less suffocating and gives hope, and it fills those quiet moments with something while not being intrusive.

Have you every experienced something just clicking? What was it like? What provoked it (if you can determine that)? And how did you feel once it clicked?

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