Monday Motivation

I find Monday mornings the hardest but I am not sure why. My weekends look very similar to my weekdays, it is part of the joy of being a student. Yet, I find it hard to convince myself to step it up a little bit on Monday mornings.

Today I decided I would try something new. Before my morning workout (which is also a regular weekday occurrence) I spent about half an hour writing in what I call my gratitude journal. It is a little different then my regular journal in that I use one or two word phrases to note the things I am thrilled about in my life and the things I want to see come out of the day. It was a nice way to start the week especially as I recognized how much I want to accomplish. The short but powerful activity led me to plan the upcoming week and hopefully motivate me to accomplish everything in sight.

How do you start your week, gain your motivation, inspire yourself to crawl out from under those comfy blankets?

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