Experience Every Moment

“Put your make up on

Get your nails done

Curl your hair

Run the extra mile

Keep it simple”

~ Colbie Caillat ~

It is rare that I will get all dolled up.  In fact before July 25, 2015 I had never had someone professionally do my make up or hair.  Well I suppose my hair dresser does my hair professionally during my yearly visit.  But you know what I mean.  For most of my memory my nails are short, short enough that you do not see the white tips.  As a child, teenager and young adult my brother would remind me that it is dirty to have long nails and that your nails do not need to be painted.  I never disagreed nor do I now.  Clipping my nails on a daily basis has become routine.  You will find a couple pairs of nail clippers in my bathroom, one in my gym bag, another in my car and one in my travel toiletry bag.  You never know when you will need to clip your nails so just be prepared!

On July 25, 2015 I experienced many moments that were firsts. I wore my pyjama’s to a hotel and cannot remember the last time I wore anything that could be pyjama like outside of the house.  You will find me putting on outside the house clothing even to venture down to the bottom floor of my building to do my laundry.  As we, my friend that got married and I, got to the hotel we went into a room with a couple other women.  They were there to help us get ready.  Before I knew it I was sitting and getting my make up done.  I had very little idea of what was going on other than the fact that I flinched each time the make up artist or a product of hers got remotely close to my face.  In utter amazement that she could continue to work through all of my movements and I am sure at moments awkward facial expressions I learnt to just enjoy the experience.  Afterwards I was shocked at first glance; not sure if I liked it but also knew I did not royally dislike it.  So we were winning!

Moments after me forgetting that my make up was done and casually continuing to complete mini tasks while eating my breakfast it was time for me to get my hair done.  Just a week prior to this event I got my hair trimmed, not much but some.  The hair stylist started tugging and straightening my long and extremely curly hair.  My memory immediately took me to the many childhood days I sat at the feet of my mother as she attempted to work through my curls and tie my hair in a half-decent manner.  The straightening ended and I thought things would get better.  I thought too early!  Who knew that the curling process would be just as strenuous?  Anyways, before you knew it my make up and hair was done and my friend, the bride, was already getting dressed.  She looked amazing and as I am not one to get dolled up I was a little timid to pull out my saree and start the dressing process but time was ticking.

Actually, it was probably a good thing there was not the slightest second to think about my new do (doe?) or I may have turned to my friend and respectfully bailed on her big day.  But enough with the tangent, lets get to the point.

July 25, 2015 was the wedding of a great friend.  I was honoured to be a part of the ceremonies and to meet the many wonderful people that have been in her life for years as well as those that will now be in her life for the years to come.   Each minute was filled with a new experience and a moment to remember.  This to me is the important part and is the part I want each of us to think about.  As I sat and got pampered (as some would call it) I concluded that often times we, as human beings, float through life and only absorb brief moments of our extended lives.  Yet I am sure that each moment creates a memory and needs to be captured in some format.  And as I sat and thought about this while my face was being painted and my hair was being transformed I made it a point to attempt to capture as much of my life from that moment on as possible.

Part of capturing my life will require me to stand in front of a camera a little more often.  So on my friends wedding day I agreed to each request for a photograph and even encouraged my parents to take a few with me.  It was not difficult as my father has become trigger happy in the last decade.

My father and I at my friends wedding. He must have said something funny.

My father and I at my friends wedding. He must have said something funny.


My Mother and I at my friends wedding. Mum's need a little love too.

My Mother and I at my friends wedding. Mum’s need a little love too.








So today I leave you with the challenge to capture each moment, each success and trial.  Create memories that you can lean on during difficult times and/or return to when you have made strides.  Spend the time it takes to document these memories for you and the many others who may want them one day.

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