Emotional Sharing

My perception is that we are often quick to share the positives in our lives, usually with very little thought or reflection on who we are sharing these experiences with.  On the other hand, we can be selective with who we share the negative with.  It all seems natural at first glance.  However, I have been wondering about how we (I should say I) share the negatives with certain individuals and the types of individuals we (I) decide to share with.

What if, just for a week, we attempted to do what is opposite to our nature.  So, in essence, the individuals you often vent to without much debate you may attempt for this week to not share the negatives so quickly.  Or perhaps the first step might be a reflection on why you feel the urge to share – are you seeking validation for your feelings or hoping someone else will help you step on another?  Likewise, when you are anxious to share a positive feeling, what is the purpose of sharing and is it necessary to share?

I actually think by being more aware of what we share, how we share, and to whom we share, our self-confidence and self-integrity increases.  We learn to become best friends with ourselves and to recognize the behaviours we are attracted to, opposed to, and conscious of our effect on those around us, often the individuals who care for us the most.

Unlearning our thoughts and behaviours is no small feat!

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